Puckrup Hall Valentine's Day Wedding

I left the house very early this morning to drive to the Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel to style hair for Danni 's wedding.
As I arrived it was still dark and Puckrup hall was floodlit but as the morning progressed and I was curling and tweaking the hair of the wedding party it developed into the most beautifully sunny day, not like February at all!

Danni had three bridesmaids, 2 were her sisters and the other a long standing childhood friend. They all had beautiful long hair which we had decided to curl with 2 having a half up do with cascading curls and the other having a soft tousled up do. When I'd spent a couple of hours styling the hair for the 3 girls they all disappeared to get changed they then came back dressed in the most fabulous deep scarlet dresses, very valentines day!Next was Danni's Mum Linda who had bought the most wonderful fascinator/hat which the girls had christened a hatinator!! (A bit of a crossbreed) Once I'd blowdried Linda's hair I fixed the 'Hatinator' into place and gripped it securely to make sure it would stay in place all day! Danni had decided on a very classical soft tousled updo which I curled with GHD's and then pinned each curl individually. Once it was all in place I then attached Danni's crystal tiara and then fixed her veil into place with the double hold method just before she stepped into her pearl and crystal encrusted dress. She looked amazing and made the most beautiful bride.
As I was leaving the hotel the vintage Rolls Royce and limousines were drawing up outside the main entrance ready to whisk Danni of to her groom waiting at the nearby church!
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