Close Hotel Tetbury / Chavenage House Wedding Hair

The Main Cirencester to Tetbury Road reduced to a single track which we drove along at 20 mph

I was watching the weather forecasts praying that the snow would hold off but unfortunately the snow came down in bucket loads overnight! Clare (Pure Pampering ) and I had already worked out a plan if the weather was bad and had decided to travel together and set off at least 2 hours before we were needed with shovels and wellies in the car!! I picked Clare up at 8am and we arrived at The Close Hotel in Tetbury 2 hours later!! Normally the journey takes about 40-45 minutes! We were determined to not let Gill down on her big day, it was the worst weather I have EVER driven in and the police were telling people not to travel but it was worth it to see Gill looking gorgeous for her wedding.
Gill was staying at the beautiful Close Hotel in Tetbury then travelling to Amberley to get married and finally holding the reception at Chavenage House

Gill had requested a beautiful curled updo which suited her perfectly. I put her hair into hot rollers first to give it body and bounce and then twisted individual sections up to create this elegant bridal hair style.
I also styled hair for Gill's bridesmaid but I didn't get chance to take her photo! Clare created a really beautiful make up look for Gill.

With final finishing touches complete Clare and I set off on the slippery journey back to Gloucester feeling very pleased that we had not let down one of our brides despite the terrible weather!
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