First wedding of the year at Clearwell Castle

Although I have done lots of trial runs for this years brides today was the first actual wedding of 2011.
Today's venue was 'Clearwell Castle' in the Forest of Dean, this is somewhere that is becoming a favourite of mine, a very popular venue that I am doing lots of wedding hair styling at.

Michelle was getting married today and I was styling hair for her and her bridesmaids.
First up was Michelle's sister Rosanne who had asked for a french plait hairstyle. I plaited the hair around the head to the nape where I combined the plaits to form a chignon. Finishing the hairstyle with jewels woven into the plaits either side.

Michelle had decided on a losely curled style for her wedding day, taken back to create a sleek look from the front.

At the back I curled the hair with GHD's which when finished I softened to create a full but softly curled effect. I wove the hair together around the crown area and the finishing touch was a stunning hair vine that I pinned into place and fanned out to work with the hairstyle.

Second bridesmaid Laura requested a simple curled hair do leaving the hair to fall naturally around the shoulders.
I curled Laura's hair with GHD's taking very small sections to create a fuller effect, it takes longer to do it this way but the results really do speak for themself! To finish the style I wove jewels into the curls to tie the look in with Rosanne.

I made my last final touches to the hairstyles making sure everyones hair was secure and left to allow the girls to get ready for their big day!!

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