Berkley wedding

I was styling hair for Stephanie's wedding in Berkley today. Steph's sister had the most incredible hair which once curled and styled looked just amazing! I used small heated rollers to add the curl and styled it over to the one side.

Working alongside me this morning was make up artist Sophie Chamings, she made the girls look stunning!
Steph's hair wasn't long enough to create the side bun style that she wanted to have for her wedding so when we had a trial run a few months ago I suggested that we use clip in hair extensions.

Clip in extensions are a great way to add more body and length to your hair and they are perfect for bridal up styles.

The picture above shows the extensions clipped to a chair just after I had curled them and ready to be added to Steph's own hair.
Once added to Steph's hair you can see how they add more length and body, you could leave the hair at this point if you wanted a curled loose style.

By styling the hair and pinning it up into an elegant side bun Steph really did look like the perfect bride. The match between natural hair and extensions meant that you really wouldn't have known that all this hair wasn't just Steph's!

The elegant diamante clip added the perfect finishing touch to this elegant bridal style.

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