NATIONAL WINNER!...Best Bridal Hair Stylist 2014

For many of us there is a key moment in your life that will remain indelibly printed on your mind, for me that moment was on Wednesday 15th January 2014 when I heard the words '...and the award for 'Best Bridal Hair Stylist 2014' goes to....Fordham Hair Design!!!'

Cue LOTS of shouting and whooping from the great group of fellow industry professionals and friends that surrounded me at The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) in London's Bloomsbury Ballroom...I just stood there dumbstruck!

Regaining my composure I walked the short distance onto the stage to receive my award from Sky presenter Sarah Hewson and TWIA Founder Damian Bailey, it's probably a good job that they don't ask you to make a speech as I'm not sure I would have been able to speak at that point!

The wedding industry awards are the only client-voted regional and national awards in the wedding industry and the judging panel is second to none in its breadth and depth of expertise and experience. This means that the results have real meaning and are useful to both the entrants and anyone organising a wedding and looking for great wedding suppliers both regionally and nationwide.

To win this award is a great honour and more so because it was my brides that voted for me, this was the 3rd year that I was a nominee and regional winner, I have to admit that the competition was SO fierce that winning the national award was a dream I wasn't sure I would reach. Having been awarded Best Bridal Stylist for the South West for 3 years in a row has been amazing but I now find myself running out of words to describe being crowned NATIONAL WINNER!

I am very lucky to have a 'job' that I love, to be involved in a brides big day is exciting, challenging but ultimately hugely rewarding. I am also incredibly proud of the people that I spend most of my time working with, the wedding industry has some very talented professionals in it, the 2 photographs above (me 'posing' with the award and the close up award shot) are both taken by a super talented photographer called Clint, he is the man behind Pixel Photography based near Nailsworth in the Cotswolds and he is responsible for many of the wonderful photos of 'my brides' the other photos are by Adby Creative.

And finally to my 'work wife' as I often refer to her! Clare Bryce (make up artist extraordinaire!) was my companion for the night at the awards, she is quite simply wonderful, we have spent many hours styling hundreds of brides together! We keep each other sane in a frantic but wonderful industry! 

If you are interested in me styling hair for your wedding, writing an article for a blog, magazine or website then why not drop me a line, I'm easiest to contact via EMAIL the Fordham Hair Design website has full details of costs for wedding hair styling and plenty of photos of previous Fordham Brides!