Bridal Hair Training Courses at 'The Secret Salon'

So, you're a make up artist or hair stylist and wanting to develop your skills in bridal hair....well this is where

Fordham Hair Design

at 'The Secret Salon' comes in! Here at 'The Secret Salon' we run 1 and 2 day courses and over the last 4 years we have taught stylists from one end of the UK to the other....helping stylists and make up artists to strengthen their skills, develop new techniques and just get to grips with how to create amazing wedding hairstyles that will stay put.....and guess what many of these stylists have gone on to win awards ...I'm quite proud of that!

To help other stylists get to where they want to be in their career is an amazing where did it all begin?? Well I'm Chris Fordham, owner of Fordham Hair Design owner of 'The Secret Salon' THE bridal hair specialist based in the Cotswolds...

Between 2011 and 2014 I was thrilled to be the winner of FOUR awards for my bridal hairstyling.....I always say that styling hair for someones big day is the best feeling in the world (which it is!) however I would say that the night I stood on the stage in London receiving the national award for 'Bridal Hair Stylist of the Year' the feeling was pretty outstanding! 

The following year I was invited to join the judging panel for 'The Wedding Industry Awards' and have now been a judge for the national hairdressing awards for three years.

Always wanting to share my knowledge and skill I started what has become one of the best training sessions in the UK for bridal hair styling.....when we opened 'The Secret Salon' in 2016 the perfect home was born for our 'Industry Famous Bridal Hair Training Days', 1 and 2 day courses that are held throughout the year with an Spring and Early Summer term and an Autumn/Winter term...and we hold 3 different courses to allow you to learn either CLASSIC bridal looks, VINTAGE inspired styles or learn the CORE skill basics such as how to use heated rollers, hair extensions and hidden padding to create more volume in wedding up do's!

One thing that we are incredibly proud of with our training courses is a non judgemental approach, we know what it feels like to attend professional courses, you're scared you're going to fail, not be as good as the others on the course, well guess what.....nearly everyone feels like that! We won't judge you, no question is a daft question, we are proud of the fact you have chosen us to help push your learning and career to the next level.

So if you are needing some beginners help or just a bit of a refresher on your wedding up do styles then why not check out our three different courses, we book up quickly so have a look on the Fordham Hair Design website and get in touch


, we can't wait to see you at 'The Secret Salon'! 

Fordham Hair Design bridal hair stylist for the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and further......get in touch with Award Winning Bridal Hairdresser Chris Fordham now to book your wedding hair styling now....

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